The Young Adult Book Subscription Box for Black Girls.

Red.Blk.Grl features books with Black characters written by Black writers. Subscriptions are limited. Reserve yours now!

Red.Blk.Grl is THE FIRST Black Young Adult Book monthly subscription box for girls.

Every month a new, contemporary novel will be delivered to your door along with 3-5 additional items, all curated along positive themes found within the book that promote a healthy sense of self and overall well-being.

What is a Red.Blk.Grl? 

A black girl who reads to fully immerse herself into another world that may be inaccessible to her. She may have light or dark skin, short or long hair. She may be a social butterfly or a wall flower. She may come from a home of financial privilege and educated parents or be a ward of the system. Regardless, she, like every other girl in the world deserves representation in the stories she reads. Books serves as a catalyst through which we first explore the world outside of our communities. It is often the first understanding we are provided with that which we have yet to experience. Books help us escape and imagine a grander version of ourselves. Our books should look like us. Red.Blk.Grl aims to put books like us in the hands of black girls everywhere. Our experience demands recognition. We will not be marginalized any longer.
*Photo by actual subscriber C. Marbury*